January 14, 2013

Choose Your Best Look

If yu r confused , lost and do'nt know the right colors for yur skin but, still want to look Perfect on a party or wedding.. Here is the guide to choose yur best look .

If yur complexion tends to tilt on the darker side.. Go for bronze, gold, copper , n ivory.Reds and Marrons look very gaudy on a dark skin. So do'nt ever choose these dark shades. All shades of orange, rust n pink will enhance yur overall look.

For wheatish or yellow skin tones Aqua ,Green , blue , hot pink r the ideal colors. Pastel shades of yellow , pink n green look equally great on dusky complexion.

Fair skin tones can go for any color except Pastel hues as yu may end up giving a pale look. Shades of bright blue, orange , plum , red are the best choice for yur look.

Make up can turn you into a princess or a ghost... Its important to wear it with perfection and grace. If yu r not a pro in makeup like me... Go for professional help or Kohl and gloss is the ultimate saver. You can never go wrong with a kohl, heavy mascara and lipgloss with a dazzling Smile!!!!

Top Tip: Always keep in mind tht Less is more. Do'nt go OTT. And do'nt forget to Smile... Good Luck!!!

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