February 08, 2013

Sabyasachi's Feminist Manifesto

I guess....Sumwhere we all have tht stress to look good And Slim (note sarcasm)...
Pressure of losing weight;eating fresh air when all you want to have is a slice of Belgian chocolate cake and sleep that extra hour that you forcefully spend sweating in Gym  and checking your weight three times a day.Only those can understand the sheer torture and tht frustating cravings for food , who are not genetically blessed like me with a supermodel body and tried every stupid diet to look like Angelina jolie... sigh!!!!

But my favourite designer Sabyasachi's adorable post is really a breather admist all the hullabu of beauty. Acceptance of one's own body and flaunting our curves is what makes us different from the rest of the world. I'm delighted to read these views from a man, who designed and dolled up so many celebrities n Divas. So , from now on I'll happily binge on my yum pastries and Pastas... see ya.. 


  1. OMG..i love this one..specially that part ' at 5 ft n wearing flats' wow..dats meee :P

  2. Wow he writes so well.. He is one talentedguy!!

  3. hahaa.. nice post.. I enjoyed reading it... :-)

    1. Thankx shikha... I enjoyed writing this as well... It was so satisfying really:)